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Story Arc: Operation Elrood

Premise: Garue the Hutt loaned a mercenary scouting team from his organization (The Gray Griffins) to the Radell Mining Corporation (RMC) in exchange for a percentage of the resulting profit. The team has been captured and taken hostage by pirates, and are being held for ransom. Your mission is to rescue the Griffins and secure any new worlds they claimed for RMC.

1. Travelled to Elrood. Met with Shondra Del, the initial contact, who represents Garue’s organization. Del indicated that there is currently a strong Imperial presence in the sector.

2. Met with Jameth Todkal, an RMC executive. Also met Parek, a scout with the Griffins who was released to deliver the ransom demands (250,000 cr). Parek indicated that the Griffins had discovered a planet to be mined – Alluvia; he gave approximate coordinates to the party.

3. RMC corporate offices were given a bomb threat by Adair Koryunt, a mercenary terrorist. The party found the bomb and rendered it harmless. They also gave chase to Koryunt, however he escaped.

4. Party travelled into The Drift in search of Alluvia. Along the way they encountered Star Wing, a Star Dragon, and rendered aid to him.

5. Party was attacked by pirates of The Scourge – the same pirates that have The Griffins hostage. Defeating the pirates, the party was able to get the location of the pirates base (Dega), as well as the location of The Whisper, the Griffins’ ship (Korad).

6. Party travelled to Korad first. Met and negotiated with Slythor, a Squib who runs the planet. Ended up beating his bodyguard in a shockboxing match. Slythor traded the party, giving them many things:

  • location of The Whisper (in orbit around Korad).
  • an astromech droid (R4-B11).
  • a black-powder pistol.
  • a complete collection of Utozz bottles.
  • a bandolier converted to hold Utozz bottles.
  • spare parts to a moisture vaporator.
  • a datapad with 942 Mon Calimari recipies.
  • a tooth from a large carnivorous predator.

The party then left.

7. The party then found The Whisper and recovered the coordinates for Alluvia.

8. The party then travelled to Dega to find the Griffins. They encountered Iych-thae, an Ithorian environmentalist who warned against the environmental evils of RMC. He also gave information regarding the possible location of the pirates’ base.

9. The party encountered different things while looking for the base:

  • A mining barge wreck
  • Bounty hunters making an exchange
  • Mining ground crawler
  • Sink hole
  • Dust storm
  • Scavengers (who helped protect the party from the dust storm by bringing them to their dwellings; they also directed the party to the pirates’ base. The party promised to return and rescue the scavengers.)

10. The party found the base – located in the bottom of a large mine shaft. They gained entry to the base and engaged in a firefight with a group of pirates there, defeating them.

(August 10th, 2013)

11. The party searched the pirates’ base, to find their captain, Chalmer Trillili, hiding in his room. He challenged them to a duel, which they accepted. Trillili defeated the Trogorian in a duel with vibroswords, then ran off as Zek Synder gave chase and fired at him.

12. The party also found a computer room, where they hacked the system gaining control of the base systems, and a store room where they found additional equipment. In Trillili’s room they found a bowcaster and some precious gems (6,500 cr worth).

13. The party then inadvertently released and fought with an Osakan Blood Eater, that was guarding the remaining Gray Griffins, whom they rescued.

14. Zek Synder found a jet pack and used it to fly back to the party’s ship The Bigger Fish. On the way, he loaded the scavengers on board, to make good on the party’s promise to rescue them from Dega. He flew back to the pirate base to load the hostages (who were too weak to travel), and additional provisions, since the ship was now overfull.

15. Shortly after takeoff, while still in the mineshaft that accesses the pirate base, The Bigger Fish was attacked by a pair of Skipray Blastboats of The Scourge. The party defeated one Blastboat that returned to base after sustaining heavy damage. And, after some hacking of the remaining pirate vessel, the party was able to outrun them and escape the system. The then entered hyperspace enroute back to the Elrood system.

And that’s where we left off….


Si- ( I will apoligize now for any typos, vocabulary and grammer were not a big focus area for clone trainees)

So, interesting week. Right off the bat, bomb threat. I know RMC has competition (one being the Empire), but someone must really hate them to play dirty. Well succeded in disarming the bomb, however the terrorist dissapeared into the crowd. Afterwards, we went off on what I thought would be a wild goose chase. Along the way, a Space Dragon stopped for a visit. I wouldnt be surprised if I was the only one of my brethren to see one. Clankers would’ve fallen to scrap on the spot. After helping the big fella out, we got attacked. The pirates found and attacked us (mistake number 1), and then they boreded after knocking or ship out (mistake number 2). Well we quickly showed them. After taking their ship, we learned the location of the Whisper and the pirate base, adn desided to get the ship first before attacking the nest. We went to Korad and met some “king of the world” Slythor who just made things annoying in my opinion. Though watching that Gamorrean guard get a smacking wasn’t so bad. We ended up with a bunch of stuuf and the ship, which was a hunk of garbage by the time we found it. We did manage to recover the coordinates of the planet we were trying to find on the ship though. So off the the pirate base we went. Upon arriving, we met an Ithorian tree huger who warned us of the dangers of planet mining. True, the mining of this planet has left it barely suitible for living. My opinion, better us get the stuff than the enemy. The we got reaquainted up with an old comrade Zek Synder, who happened to be in the promising hands of two groups of bounty hunters. We ended up engaing the group and woth the help of a conviniet grenade-in-the-bag trick of Zek, we were able to give him back his freedom. Apparently he too has joined in small anti-empire resistances and actions. After catching up, we went off into the direction of the pirate base and met up with a group of scavangers who promised shelter and assistance if we can get them off planet and to a more suitible area of living. They guided us to the entrance to the pirate base, which truned out to be a large hole in the ground. we roped down and soon found ourselves engaed with a few waiting pirates. They didn’t last to long though, and we soon began exploring. We found a nicely furnished room and walkied in, but something was off, I went looking around and clumsily dropped my gun…and then I get jumped from above (one should always look up). He went for my neck, but I quickly manuvered out of reach of his grip, but not from his blaster pistol which was then aimed at my face. He greeted himself like an old friend and chalenged one of us to a dual: he wins he goes free, we win he submits. One of the new mercs, a large cat man, accepted his chalenge. Now I don’t like a gun pointed at my face, but this I had to see. I had a fealing that this pirate trusted his ability with vibro swords to get him out fo this situation easily, and I was right (though the cat did put up a formidable fight and lasted a while longer than I expected). Chalmer Trillili, as the pirate’s nam turned out to be, kept his owrd when our “champion” submitted and ran off the the exit, but Zek must have hated this guy more than I did as he landed a shot on the pirate and gave chase. All he got was a hurting sword room and the locking of the door by our new technitian. Personally, I don’t like Zek going back on our word to the terms of the dual, but I guess hes got a little pirate in him himself. Anyways, after Chalmer escaped, we searched some more in his room where I found a Wookie bowcaster and quite a few jewels (stariotypical pirate…). Then we continued to look for the Whispers crew. Zek, who was walking ahead suddenly called out. Apperently he had triggered something in the room ahead. I snuk in and saw a lift lowering from the ceiling with a large beast with all claws and mouth (apparently its called an Osakan Blood Eater). It charged, and we attacked. Foruanatly, it missed its first attack and we got some distance from it. Our technitian went to a door at the end of the room and opened it to find the Whisper’s crew. I don’t know exaclty what he and the cat guy were doing th entire time, but the lights flickered and messied with the beast. Zek lobbed Gernades and got a few good hits on the guy. Then catman charges in and gives the guy a second mouth. Apparently cutting it in half is very effective. Well we didnt want to clean up that mess, so Zek went back to get the ship and the scavangers and then come back to pick us up while we stayed back and stabalized the Whisper’s crew. We didn’t get much out of them, but they were going to live. Once Zek returned and we boreded, two pirate ships showed up. We I jumped in the gunner and started firing away. I dont know what everyone else was doing, but we shot right past them. I sent one home to momm to get repairs and the other gave up as we escaped into space where we entered hyperspace back to Elrood.

Story Arc: Operation Elrood

Here’s my IC recollection (apologies for not posting sooner i’ve just been stuck on a tablet and its difficult to write extensive posts.) Now before entering the pirate hq my memory is a bit fuzzy so bear with me. I vaguely recall being hired by our former arch rival and some ruckus invloving a bomb at some corporation hq, then something to do with a stardragon and finding an old party member whom I thought dead being exchanged between bounty hunters. When the crew and I entered the pirate base it was like I had entered some sort of unreality pocket, over half of my party disappeared and were replaced with strangers of different backgrounds some weren’t even replaced they just blinked out of existence. I could sense that those of us who remained from the original crew were somehow weaker than before, as far as I knew I was the only one who noticed this change. Reading this back it sounds like the ramblings of a crazed spice addict, maybe after all thats happened to me I’m finally losing my mind, oh well. Anyway we continued on deeper into the base and came to a large hangar like chamber with three doors two small and one large.

Story Arc: Operation Elrood

Wait scratch that four doors three small one large(gah losing ones mind takes a toll). We opened the door farthest to the right and found some computer terminals, one of the new crew members started messing around with em and found some info nothing really mindblowing. We then proceeded to open the door leftmost to the large door and look around. It was someones quarters pretty standard layout, the computer guy went to work on the terminal there and found out who the owner was. As he did that we looked around the room seemingly everywhere while doing so Si dropped his rifle by mistake. As he went to pick it up like lightning a man jumped down from the one place we didnt look and put a gun to Si’s head. He offered us a deal we pick one person to duel him in one on one swordplay, if we won he was our prisoner if he won we had to let him go free if we refused he’d kill Si. So one of the new guys volunteered to fight, poor cat put up a heck of a fight but got sliced up and ended up surrendering. So this guy starts running away and Synder starts shooting and chasing after him like a madman, after the guy got away we proceeded to check the final small door and find some pretty wicked gear. We opened the large door and followed the corridor until someone spotted this weird hidden pressure plate under the sand. Suddenly we heard what sounded like a lift starting up further down the hall, we followed the sound into another large room. The roof was at least 100 meters tall and decorated withrl razor sharp stalagtites on the leftmost wall was a large door,

Story Arc: Operation Elrood

(Sorry for the multiple comments this tablet is a pain to write with.) On the leftmost wall was a large door and opposite the way we came in was a large lift slowly lowering down. When it finally reached the floor there on it stood a huge beast with a gaping toothy maw and four scimitar like bladed arms, it looked like something out of a childs worst nightmare. With raw power and ferocity we fought this monster until the pincushon cat sliced it in two with his axe. We then went to the leftmost door that I had opened during combat and found the crew we were sent to find and proceeded to load them into our ship along with the planetary refugees. Some vicious air combat ensued as we were taking off when 2 skiffs ambushed us. We managed to kill one and fly past the other to a safe jump point then made the jump. As I sat in my bunk thoughts lingered in my head. (Who are these people?) (Is what happened to me as a child happening again?) (Did those people ever truly exist?) (Am I going mad?) (Why is the force doing this to me?) I Have to keep my head on straight or at least act like it is, no telling what tomorrow holds.

Story Arc: Operation Elrood

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