Si AR-0187

Human, Clone Trooper


Species: Human

Career: Soldier

Specialization Trees: Sharpshooter (Soldier, AoR pg 93), Trailblazer (Soldier, FB pg 31), Tactician (Commander, AoR pg N/A)


Brawn-3 Agility-4 Intellect-2 Cunning-3 Wisdom-2 Presence-3

Wound Threshold-21
Strain Threshold-14

Skills: Athletics-2, Cool-2, Discipline-2, Perception-2, Stealth-3, Survival-2, Brawl-2, Melee-2, Gunnery-1, Ranged Heavy-3, Leadership-3, Knowledge (Warfare)-3

Talents: Grit-2, Lethal Blows-2, True Aim-2, Deadly Accuracy-Ranged Heavy, Toughened-4, Dedication-2, Stalker-1, Dodge-1, Quick Draw, Sniper Shot-1, Crippling Blow, Targeted Blow, Confidence-1, Swift, Commanding Presence-2, Sidestep-1, Field Commander, Disorient-1, Bodyguard-1, Prime Positions-1

Weapons: Bowcaster, Combat Knife

Armor: Merr-Sonn N57

Gear: Crash Survival Kit, Stim Pack x5, Frag Gernade, Military Backpack, Load-Bearing Gear, Utilitybelt, Military Belt Pouch, Binders


Back Story:

Si is a veteran Clone soldier from the Clone Wars. He was an ARC sniper that specialized in long range combat and stealth, and was a Lieutenant in the Grand army of the Republic. During the war, he worked along side a special team of hand-picked clones, Jedi and mercenary soldiers. Si befriended and looked up to his companions, especially the Nelvaanian Jedi Knight, Herdor Ceriad. From him, Si learned the values of the Jedi order and came to believe in them. However, this new set of beliefs and the strong friendship between the Clone and Jedi were soon tested.

When Order 66. Si was reporting for a mission with his team at the Jedi Temple when they were ambushed by the 501st Legion. Here Si stood at the crossroads and given a choice; his duty now stood in the way of his friendships and new beliefs. He did not know what to do, so he ran from the battle confused and lost. He was eventually captured by the 501st and brought to the hanger where Herador and the rest of his team were trying to escape. This time, SI made a decision; he turned his back on his brothers and helped his team escape. However, he refrained from killing any clones then, or every since.

After operation Nightfall, the team went they’re own ways. Herador returned to his new found family on Nelvan. Most of the others disappeared never to be heard from again. Si, and a few others, stuck together and tried to live on their own in the outer rim. Here they were contacted and recruited by Garue, who ironically was a nemesis of Si during the Clone Wars, but with the Empire taking over, Garue and Si now had a similar interest: survival. Though he never enjoyed the idea working for the slimy slug, it was the only option he had.

Si worked as a hired gun for Garue’s organization for ten years working along side many other hired members, including two members of his old team during the Clone Wars: Solu and Sek. Then, after a successful treasure hunting mission under one of Garue’s assets, IcoTech, Si and his team were encountered by Arien Cracken who invited Si and his team to assist him in taking on the Empire. The group accepted the invitation.


To the normal on-looker, Si looks like a well armored hired gun; he wields a composite bow and a Wookie Bowcaster. He is usually seen with his face covered with a mask. It has been the years since the conflict, but he considers the risk too high with the Empire and a Hutt hunting him down. That and his abnormal longevity for a Clone would bring up unwanted questions (he is not entirely sure himself why he isn’t aging as normal, but he thinks it’s due to some forceful and time wavering experiences during the Clone Wars). However, if one knows their history well enough, they will recognize that the mask is the damaged remains of a phase I Clone Trooper helmet.

His name Si is short for silent. He lives up to his name not only in ability, but in personality. He was never much of a talker, and doesn’t really enjoy social encounters, especially with people he doesn’t know. However, he has recently stepped up into a leadership role under Cracken’s command partially due to necessity and his experience. Usually, he will come off as cold or not the most friendly, but that is mainly due the the life he now lives and because he has a hard time trusting people in the galaxies current state. However, once someone has gained his trust, he will treat that person as though under his own responsibility. He has no love for droids for reasonable reasons. Also, he strongly dislikes the empire as to him it is a disgrace of what he and his brothers fought and died for during the war. That and the empire has set itself as a direct enemy of his closest friend and what he stands for.


After watching countless times where Jedi threw themselves into the fray for the sake of those around them during the Clone Wars, Si decided to follow this example while working under Admiral Cracken. He is willing to prioritize his friends and team over himself, and sometimes even the mission, if it means rescuing or saving his comrades.


The Empire is very interested in the idea of a surviving Clone Trooper and has sent an Imperial Intelligence team to track Si down and reclaim their “property,” especially when that property’s expiration date seems to be considerably extended.

Leaving a Hutt’s line of service without permission has…repercussions. Garue was outraged by Si’s abandonment of service and has issued and fancy bounty on his head to be brought back alive; only half will be paid if brought back dead.


Belief – The Republic:
Si lived, fought, and watched his brethren die for The Republic during the Clone Wars only to watch it transform into the Empire after the fall of the Jedi. To him, the empire is more or less an insult to the sacrifices of those who fought in the war. To Si, taking on the Empire is his way of standing up for the republic he fought for in the past; he is a soldier after all.

During the Clone Wars, Si became close friends with his Jedi commander Herador. After operation Nightfall, Herador went into hiding in his home planet to rebuild his clan, and Si’s main consern is the empire finding Herador out.

Si AR-0187

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