Mortisipurrum'tek'tonayenphron "Mort Phron"

A genius Chiss mechanic, handy with explosives.


Mort Phron
Hired Gun: Demolitionist, Mercenary Soldier


The Phron family has lived on Nar Shadaa for millennia. Through disease, fammine, bad luck, or foul play, they have slowly withered away, leaving Mort alone as the last chiss left alive on the planet. Wanting to find other members of his species, he studied to try to build a spaceship to get off the planet.

Hearing rumors that a red eyed, blue skinned mechanic named Tekton Phron was under the service of Garue the Hutt, he enlisted as a mechanic to see if he could meet this unknown relative. Unfortunately, the night mort joined Garue’s forces, Tekton vanished without a trace, leaving Mort, once again, alone.

Mortisipurrum'tek'tonayenphron "Mort Phron"

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