Herdor Ceriad

Nelvaanian, "The Gale Warrior"


Species: Nelvaanian

Career: Guardian

Specializations: Protector, Shien Expert, Force-Sensitive Emergent

Brawn 6, Agility 2, Intellect 2, Cunning 2, Willpower 3, Presence 2
Wound Threshold – 20
Strain Threshold – 17
Soak – 6
Force Rating – 3

Skills: Athletics 1, Cool 1, Discipline 1, Lightsaber 4, Mechanics 1, Ranged (Light) 1, Resilience 1, Vigilance 1

Talents: Balance, Center of Being 1, Conditioned 1, Dedication 2, Djem So Reflection, Falling Avalanche, Force Protection 1, Force Rating 2, Grit 3, Heightened Awareness, Improved Reflect, Indistinguishable 1, Parry 2, Reflect 2, Saber Throw, Shien Technique, Sleight of Mind 1, Stalker 1, Street Smarts 1, Touch of Fate, Toughened 3

Force Powers:
> Enhance (basic power w/Force leap control and range upgrades)
> Move (basic power w/2 range upgrades, 1 strength upgrade, and attack w/object control upgrade)

Weapons: Glyder Crystal Lightsaber x2, Throwing Dagger x2, Nelvaanian War Shield, Warspear

Armor: none/Jedi battle armor (+2 Soak and +1 Ranged and Melee Defense if worn)

Gear: lightsaber maintenance kit, load-bearing gear, long range comlink, modular backpack w/2 pouches (not normally carried, contains Jedi combat armor), spacer’s duffel, stimpack x5, utility belt, white bantha-fur cloak (acts as thermal cloak)


On the planet of Nelvaan, there used to be a mysterious and powerful tribe known as the Ceriads. But, in one night, monstrous warriors carried in the talons of great grey falcons reduced the Ceriad Tribe to little more than twelve individuals and hundreds of smoldering huts. These warriors were in fact Trandoshan slavers, looking to capture a little-known canine race and pass them off as Shistavanen slaves. One of their captures was the infant Herdor Ceriad, the long-awaited and prophesied son of the Ceriad chief. But to the Trandoshans, he was just another piece of merchandise. That is until Jedi Master Kit Fisto raided the slavers’ base and freed all of their slaves. Unfortunately, all the other captured Ceriads had been sold off, leaving Herder alone. Fortunately however, Fisto recognized that the infant was Force sensitive, and took him back to Coruscant for Jedi training.

Passing into Padawanship and taken as an apprentice by Master Fisto, Herdor’s time as a Padawan coincided with the start of the Clone Wars. Soon Herdor was proving that his strength was not in Force abilities, but in his unmatched skill with lightsabers. He quickly became recognized as one of the greatest swordsmen the Order had ever produced. (There is even a rumor that he challenged Master Yoda to a duel and won, though none remember such a duel taking place.) By the second year of the Clone Wars he had been granted the title of Jedi Knight, and was given command of an elite strike force of Jedi, clones, and mercenary elements. Some of their stand-out missions include the discovery and destruction of the Peyatoinite mining operation, the assault on the Mullinist weapons lab, and the exposure of Garue the Hutt as a Separatist sympathizer. On his missions across the galaxy however, Herdor finally discovered his home world of Nelvaan. Even further, he discovered the remnant of the Ceriad Tribe, realized that they had taken an oath of celibacy in his absence, and was informed that his long-betrothed wife Kirey was ready to marry him. Understandably shocked, Herdor consulted Master Yoda on the issue, and they decided that it would be against the Jedi Code to allow the tribe to die. So Herdor was married, just in time for the remnant to be attacked by a Techno Union mercenary. In the end, Herdor took his new bride and her bodyguard (a no-nonsense warrior by the name of Durnan Tora) back with him to the Jedi temple. It was there that yet another surprise awaited him: Kirey, and the entirety of the Ceriad Tribe, were Force sensitive. Seeing an opportunity to bolster the Jedi’s waning ranks, the Jedi Council secretly allowed the couple to have children. By the time Herdor and Kirey’s first children were born, it was the waning days of the Clone Wars, and Operation: Knightfall followed soon after. Thankfully, Kirey and the children were hidden away in their secret maternity apartment, and Herdor was with his strike team when the clones turned. (All except one that is.) Herdor, his family, and what remained of his strike force fled Coruscant. Shortly afterwards the crew decided that it had become to dangerous for all of them to stay together. Some went back to or entered into mercenary work in the Outer Rim, some took individual ships and flew into the Unknown Regions. Herdor and his family however returned to Nelvaan, intent on rebuilding the Ceriad Tribe.

Recent History:
Since returning to Nelvaan, Herdor has been busy. He, along with Durnan Tora, built and founded the new tribe of Ceritora on the banks of a crystal-clear lake. While mostly hanging up his trappings and role as Jedi (aside from his lightsabers, which he is never apart from willingly), Herdor has begun an effort to establish a proper government on Nelvaan. Using his Jedi training he has adopted the identity of the “Gale Warrior,” a warrior who’s will bends the very breath of the world to his command. He offers his protection to any tribe who joins the Ceritora Alliance, a loose council of allied tribes led by Durnan Tora (who has recently become chief of Ceritora). The banks of Ceritora Lake are lined with the banners of tribes who have joined the Alliance, as a symbol that, for the first time in Nelvaanian history, multiple tribes support and protect each-other.

On the family side of things, Herdor and Kirey have been busy producing and raising a (stupidly) large family, even by Nelvaanian standards. The eldest of the family are Tryn (a village darling who has been engaged to Durnan Tora’s son Nyllo), her twin Thane (a warrior trainee with an oversized stature and an even more oversized pride in his father), Kripta (a white-haired introvert with a remarkably strong Force connection), and her twin Kaldor (a secretive child with a knack for technology), all of whom are 11 years old*. The middle children are Draga and Dol, who have established themselves as the village nuisances, and they are 9. The youngest of the Ceriad children are also the most worrying however. Seven years ago, Herdor and Kirey made a controversial decision to not have their next children’s names share a first letter, an act considered taboo by all Nelvaanians for fear of upsetting the Great Mother (their religious deity and spirit of Nelvaan). The Ceriad couple took no value in their people’s beliefs however, and proceeded. When Ipherra and Tronk were born though, something was immediately and apparently wrong. They were born sickly, and almost did not survive to their first birthdays. (They have grown regularly since then however, with Ipherra becoming a local gossiper and Tronk taking an interest in gardening and herbal healing.) Shockingly however, unlike all the rest of the Ceriad Tribe, Ipherra and Tronk were born without Force sensitivity. And even more shockingly, Herdor and Kirey found themselves barren for three years. Shaken by his youngest children’s lack of Force prowess and rattled by Kirey and his barren stint, Herdor decided (perhaps rashly) that he needed to journey off-world in seek of fertility drugs. The former Jedi managed to get passage on a passing Bothan scout ship to a near-by system. However, he ran-afoul of a group of Gamorean thugs (who may or may not have had ties to his old enemy Garue the Hutt) and attracted the attention of Imperial authorities. Herdor still managed to acquire the medication and return to Nelvaan, but he had already left evidence of his presence. Whether this will bring the Imperial fist down on Nelvaan remains to be seen. In the mean-time, Herdor has settled back into his position on Nelvaan, and he and Kirey are now expecting a full litter of cubs (six birth pairs*) any day.

*Nelvaanians are born in birth pairs of one female and one male, with the number of birth pairs ranging to one (common) to six (extremely rare).

Herdor has always been exceedingly strong, and that is evident in his appearance. He is very muscular, which is evident even through his body’s coat of coarse, light blue fur. His hair-like mane, once pure black, has recently acquired streaks of white as he advances into Nelvaanian middle-age. His eyes are pure black, and he has a small scar on his left cheek (an injury from his kidnapping as an infant). As per Nelvaanian custom, Herdor is tattooed with various geometric spirals, mostly on his chest and arms. He has particular pride in these tattoos, as he was the last to receive them before the Ceriad Tribe’s brood of bruise-leech crawlers were lost.

In terms of clothing, Herdor dresses very sparingly. Like most Nelvaanian males, he wears little more than a pair of cloth shorts and a warrior’s skirt. In addition, Herdor wears a utility belt that he hangs his lightsabers on and sheathes his throwing knives in. On particularly cold days he also wears a white bantha-fur cloak (a gift from one of his protected tribes) over his shoulders. Finally, Herdor is never without his marriage necklace, a simple cord tied around an orange glyder crystal (Kirey wears a matching one). If one were to meet Herdor without his accoutrements, few would guess he was ever a Jedi Knight. They would be more likely to guess that he was a cub who ended up stuck in an elder’s body. Herdor has always been rather immature and light-hearted, but never in an annoying manner; more in a joyfully youthful kind of way. He (usually) carries this attitude into battle, smiling and laughing as he fights for his life and the lives of others. Outsiders see it as an inability to take anything serious, but those who know Herdor know that it is just the manifestation of his natural confidence and courage. While never boastful, Herdor knows just how good a fighter he is, and he very rarely gives up an opportunity to show it.

Rating – 50

Emotional Strength – BRAVERY
Herdor is and always has been fearless. He is the first to charge into battle and the last one out. Death is not something he fears, and protecting those he cares about is more important than his own life to him. It is with this unerring courage that he lead his strike force and even inspired his clone lieutenant Si to resist Order 66 and escape Coruscant with the rest of the strike team. More recently he has used his courage to inspire the warriors of Ceritora, and they view him as a god of war carving a path through any who would oppose him.

Emotional Weakness – ANGER
When Herdor was being considered for Knighthood, one fault was brought against him: his anger. In the heat of battle or when pushed to his limits, Herdor has been known to fall back on his ferocious rage born of years of loneliness and feelings of abandonment by his people. It doesn’t help that since he has left the Order, he has begun to view anger less like something to be avoided and more like a tool to be used cautiously. While channeling his anger has certainly made him a greater combatant, it edges him ever closer to the Dark Side. Evidence of this is the way he reacts to someone harming a member of his family. As soon as he knows his wife or one of his children has been harmed, he immediately become very agitated. In truth, he fears ever losing them and becoming alone once more. And as we all know, fear leads to anger…

Dutybound -
Herdor has spent the better part of ten years building and maintain the peace of the Ceritora Tribe and the Ceritora Alliance. He is the champion of the people of Nelvaan, their “Gale Warrior.” He has a duty to the people of Nelvaan now, and while he may have taken that duty willingly, it is an obligation all the same.

Family -
Herdor’s family with Kirey has only grown over the years, and the two of them have no intention of stoping its growth anytime soon. Herdor is a husband and a father, roles that require his attention and energy on a daily basis. Exhausting? Yes. Thankless? Far from it.

Comrades -
While it has been years since Herdor has heard from, let alone met with, a member of his old strike force, he remembers them all fondly. He keeps a backpack in the loft of his family’s lodge that contains his old Jedi battle armor and holopics of all his old allies. In particular Herdor misses Si, as their departure from each-other was rather abrupt. Whenever they stop by, Herdor asks visiting Bothans if they’ve heard news about any of his old comrades, and secretly the former Jedi misses his squad and their adventures. Dealing with Nelvaanian predators is fine and all, but it’s nothing compared to assaulting a weapons lab on Mullinist.

Extended Family/Clan -
Herdor is now a husband and a father of eight (soon to be twenty). His love for his family drives most of his actions these days, as does his and Kirey’s quest to reform the Ceriad Tribe. In all likelihood the two of them will have to wait until their children have their own spouses to officially reclaim the title of tribe, but they are willing to wait. Herdor has been alone for most of his life (if not physically then socially), and he never wants his children to ever feel alone.

Herdor Ceriad

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