Edge of the Nerd Force

Story Arc: Beyond the Rim


1. Garue the Hutt assigns the party a mission to meet with an associate – Roem, of the Iso-Tech company, located on The Wheel. Sensing the potential requirements of the mission, Garue also hires a Selonian wilderness scout/tracker by the name of Content Not Found: Cig, who will meet the party at the Wheel.

2. The party travels to the Wheel, and makes contact with both Roem and Cig. Roem reveals that he has recovered a hyperspace message pod from the Sa Nalaor – a Cloe War-era combat ship that was rumored to be escaping Republic space with a fortune in precious metals at the end of the war. The message pod indicates that the Sa Nalaor’s last known coordinates were in the Chol System near the planet of Cholganna.

3. The party readied themselves on the Wheel, buying provisions and supplies. They were also attacked by a group called the YiYar Clan, a group of thieves and ruffians led by patriarch Yav Yiyar, a Rodian with a nasty reputation. The Yiyar Clan seemed intent on stealing any information they could get their hands on. Also, while at the wheel, the party was attacked by a pair of bounty hunters. Furthermore, it became clear that agents of the Imperial Security Bureau were also investigating the party’s activities. They became particularly interested in Si, realizing that he was a surviving clone. The party also noticed a maintenance droid that was attempting to place a homing beacon on their ship.

4. The party astrogated their way to Cholanna, emerging form hyperspace directly into the Chol Nebula. They managed to escape the nebula, and made their way to low orbit where they could scan the planet’s surface with their sensors. They found a promising lead, and landed on the surface.

5. While on the planet, the party was attacked by different local threats. This included Arborreal Octupus, Bark Rats, as well as various forms of insect and plant fauna. They first found an escape pod from the Sa Nalaor, suggesting that they were on the right trail. Eventually, they also found the aft section of the large ship. Here they found a gold bar, suggesting that the legends of the treasure were true. They also found a derelict ship that had signs that it housed Cig’s big game hunting mentor, and may have been the location of his demise.

6. The party then found the fore section of the ship. There they found the bridge and were able to review some bridge holo-rcordings of the ship’s final moments. At this time, they were also attacked by a pair of nexu. These nexu had been cybernetically modified. Shortly thereafter, the party made contact with survivors of the crash who took them to their village.

7. Upon reaching the village, the party became aware of two things: First, the residents were divided in what path to follow. Some wanted to leave Cholganna, but some agreed with Captain Rel Harsol (who it was obvious was beginning to suffer from extreme paranoia) that the safest course of action would be to stay. Secondly, the party realized that the Yiyar Clan had also made contact with the settlement, and was attempting to convince Harsol that he should work with them instead. The party also met Cratala, a cybernetics expert who was escaping the Republic on the Na Salaor when she went down. Cratala gave the party a tour of the settlement as well as her own makeshift cybernetics lab, and nexu pen.

8. The party’s interactions with Harsol and the settlement resulted in their imprisonment. However, they eventually were released or escaped, and got into a fight with the Yiyar Clan. During this fight, [[:Sek Synder]] maimed Yav Yiyar with his disruptor pistol. The wound disintegrated one of Yiyar’s legs completely.

9. Around this time, Imperials showed up and surrounded the settlement. Harsol became enraged, and blamed the party for leading the Imperials to them. During the ensuing battle, the Yiyar Clan escaped, carrying their maimed patriarch with them. Ultimately, the Imperials were defeated, but were calling in reinforcements. The party made their way back to their ship, only to discover that Harsol’s men had disabled the hyperdrive. In any case, the party was able to repair the hyperdrive and make their way off planet with the survivors of the Sa Nalaor. They made their way to the Toola System, where they were able to drop off most of the survivors with enough money to make their way to any other settled system. The party then travelled with Harsol and Cratala to Raxus Prime where they had arranged to meet with Roem.

10. On Raxus Prime, the party first had to evade an Imperial TIE fighter patrol. Then they made their way to Scrapheap Poin, where Iso-Tech maintained a secret facility. They were surprised to discover that Roem was not there. However, Roem’s Rodian assistant, Norta, hired the party to retrieve various items for Iso-Tech’s business. While scavenging, the party was attacked by an Imperial patrol lead by Kaen Elegean, an Imperial Inquisitor who had formerly been a fellow Padawan with Solu at the Jedi Temple. The party beat off the attack, but Elegean escaped.

11. Upon returning, the location was attacked by the Yiyar Clan (disguised as Jawas) who had hired mercenaries for this purpose. The party beat off this attack. No sooner had the party stopped the Yiyar Clan, then the site was attacked by the Imperials, who had been tipped of to the party’s location by the TIE fighters on Raxus Prime. The imperials attacked in force, led by Elegean. At this time, Reom reveled himself to be present (but wounded). He also divulged that Iso-Tech had a working CR90 Corvette, The Blockade Bandit, secretly buried in the junk at Scrapheap Point. The party helped in final repairs of the Blockade Bandit, whereupon the party fled the planet, some on-board Roem’s ship, some on The Bigger Fish, and Zek Synder in his own 7-95 Headhunter fighter.

12. In orbit, the group was blocked by two Imperial cruisers. As the situation appeared to be hopeless, a Nebulon B frigate appeared. Her captain identified himself as Arien Cracken, and the ship as The Shadow Raptor. The Shadow Raptor’s fighters (along with the party) were able to turn the tide of battle and escape the planet.

13. The group rendezvoused in deep space at Iso One, a retrofitted bulk freighter to which Roem had transferred the majority of his operations. Here, Cracken was able to convince the party to join his insurgency against the Empire. After receiving payment (and thanks) from Roem, the party then transferred their ships and gear to the Shadow Raptor, which then departed.

Story Arc: Operation Elrood

Premise: Garue the Hutt loaned a mercenary scouting team from his organization (The Gray Griffins) to the Radell Mining Corporation (RMC) in exchange for a percentage of the resulting profit. The team has been captured and taken hostage by pirates, and are being held for ransom. Your mission is to rescue the Griffins and secure any new worlds they claimed for RMC.

1. Travelled to Elrood. Met with Shondra Del, the initial contact, who represents Garue’s organization. Del indicated that there is currently a strong Imperial presence in the sector.

2. Met with Jameth Todkal, an RMC executive. Also met Parek, a scout with the Griffins who was released to deliver the ransom demands (250,000 cr). Parek indicated that the Griffins had discovered a planet to be mined – Alluvia; he gave approximate coordinates to the party.

3. RMC corporate offices were given a bomb threat by Adair Koryunt, a mercenary terrorist. The party found the bomb and rendered it harmless. They also gave chase to Koryunt, however he escaped.

4. Party travelled into The Drift in search of Alluvia. Along the way they encountered Star Wing, a Star Dragon, and rendered aid to him.

5. Party was attacked by pirates of The Scourge – the same pirates that have The Griffins hostage. Defeating the pirates, the party was able to get the location of the pirates base (Dega), as well as the location of The Whisper, the Griffins’ ship (Korad).

6. Party travelled to Korad first. Met and negotiated with Slythor, a Squib who runs the planet. Ended up beating his bodyguard in a shockboxing match. Slythor traded the party, giving them many things:

  • location of The Whisper (in orbit around Korad).
  • an astromech droid (R4-B11).
  • a black-powder pistol.
  • a complete collection of Utozz bottles.
  • a bandolier converted to hold Utozz bottles.
  • spare parts to a moisture vaporator.
  • a datapad with 942 Mon Calimari recipies.
  • a tooth from a large carnivorous predator.

The party then left.

7. The party then found The Whisper and recovered the coordinates for Alluvia.

8. The party then travelled to Dega to find the Griffins. They encountered Iych-thae, an Ithorian environmentalist who warned against the environmental evils of RMC. He also gave information regarding the possible location of the pirates’ base.

9. The party encountered different things while looking for the base:

  • A mining barge wreck
  • Bounty hunters making an exchange
  • Mining ground crawler
  • Sink hole
  • Dust storm
  • Scavengers (who helped protect the party from the dust storm by bringing them to their dwellings; they also directed the party to the pirates’ base. The party promised to return and rescue the scavengers.)

10. The party found the base – located in the bottom of a large mine shaft. They gained entry to the base and engaged in a firefight with a group of pirates there, defeating them.

(August 10th, 2013)

11. The party searched the pirates’ base, to find their captain, Chalmer Trillili, hiding in his room. He challenged them to a duel, which they accepted. Trillili defeated the Trogorian in a duel with vibroswords, then ran off as Zek Synder gave chase and fired at him.

12. The party also found a computer room, where they hacked the system gaining control of the base systems, and a store room where they found additional equipment. In Trillili’s room they found a bowcaster and some precious gems (6,500 cr worth).

13. The party then inadvertently released and fought with an Osakan Blood Eater, that was guarding the remaining Gray Griffins, whom they rescued.

14. Zek Synder found a jet pack and used it to fly back to the party’s ship The Bigger Fish. On the way, he loaded the scavengers on board, to make good on the party’s promise to rescue them from Dega. He flew back to the pirate base to load the hostages (who were too weak to travel), and additional provisions, since the ship was now overfull.

15. Shortly after takeoff, while still in the mineshaft that accesses the pirate base, The Bigger Fish was attacked by a pair of Skipray Blastboats of The Scourge. The party defeated one Blastboat that returned to base after sustaining heavy damage. And, after some hacking of the remaining pirate vessel, the party was able to outrun them and escape the system. The then entered hyperspace enroute back to the Elrood system.

And that’s where we left off….

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